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Line companies have higher prices. They offer on-board food, increased comfort and do not pay extra luggage charges. There are good alternatives if you are traveling to distant destinations but you have to watch the best airline deals.
Low-basket and line-up companies have extraordinary promotions. You must act on the spot when you learn about these promotions. Become flexible with Travel Data for cheap flights!

Air ticket prices vary based on weekdays, months of holidays, season and season. So surely the most expensive tickets are for Christmas, August or Valentine’s Day, but also for the weekend.

The most advantageous flights are:

mid-week (Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday);
in extra-seasonal months: January, February, March, October, November, immediately after important holidays, early in the morning or very late in the evening.
Be flexible with your travel dates and find great deals!

Choose Secondary Airports!

There are secondary airports all over the world. Find low-cost airports in Google. Go to their website and see which airlines land and leave. Depending on the results, you can choose a flight at a good price.

Large travel agencies have already negotiated good flight prices for certain destinations. Search their sites or send an email and ask for an offer.

Try alternate routes!
Direct / Line flights are always more expensive than those with stopovers or low-cost flights.

There are plenty of sites that will look for your airline tickets at the best price.

Other details:

To find the best deals on airplane tickets you can make a travel card and sign up for airline newsletters. This way you will always find out when there are promotions and when prices drop significantly.


– it is said that the best price on airplane tickets is 6-8 weeks before the trip. But if you find very cheap tickets long before, buy them!

– airlines make big reductions with 21, 14, 7 and 3 days before the flight!

– Do not forget: the best prices for tickets are found on Tuesday and Wednesday, early morning or late at night.

– Familial travelers say you will find cheap tickets Tuesday through Friday at 10am, 12.30pm. or 8 p.m!

– Some companies are doing various experiments on Friday at noon. They cut prices dramatically to see how competition is doing.

– there are no strict rules on the most convenient air tickets. You have to be inventive and look for more sources.

The simplest and most efficient way to book airline tickets is online. The price for airplane tickets varies from one case to another. Airline companies will sell tickets at different rates depending on the period, number of tickets available at a particular race, destination, location, etc.

To check the best deals, try selecting the +/- 3 day option. So you will find convenient tickets as a price within 3 days before and after the departure and return dates you have originally set.

What do I need to know about the luggage on the plane?

Before traveling by plane, it is important to know and respect the size imposed by the airline for baggage and hand luggage.

Luggage is restricted in size and weight. Moreover, sometimes additional charges are paid for them, sometimes not, which causes confusion and sometimes even problems at the airport.

Luggage Baggage:

Shows standard dimensions agreed by flight companies:
For most airlines, the dimensions are: 20kg, 23kg or 30kg (depending on the company) and no more than 158cm.

Some companies (especially low-cost) also allow luggage up to 32 kilograms. Everything that exceeds the established dimensions is paid according to the formula / kg.

Luggage baggage is often included in the ticket price for line companies.

For low-cost companies, baggage is additionally paid.
Read all the instructions and details provided by airlines.

Travel and travel class information:

If you choose to travel with a line company, you will have the choice of economy class or business class.

Between the two booking classes there are significant price differences, but not only, comfort being the second criterion of differentiation between the two classes.

Advantages of traveling with business class:

A business class ticket is more permissive when it comes to reimbursing and changing the amount paid: (low travel, route or even free change).

Business class comfort translates into more comfortable or even folding chairs, bigger space, more varied menu for all tastes and preferences.

For a surcharge, you can benefit from additional legroom or priority boarding. For a fee, you can also enjoy an individualized meal or drink menu during the flight.

A luxury business line at the business class sometimes offers flight conditions similar to the accommodation conditions of luxury hotels.

Advantages of economy class travel:
The ticket price is lower but the economy class tickets are subject to more restrictive conditions:

in case of cancellation of the trip, the penalties are very high, most of the times 100%;
there are types of tickets that are not even modifiable against a fee;
some tickets that are modifiable require the payment of an additional ticket change fee
For low-cost companies, there is no class differentiation.

It is important to understand that there is a limited number of places for each tariff applied. Not all economy class tickets have the same price. Find airline tickets and complete information. A few months before your trip

Place on airplane:

flight tickets
Airplane seats can be extremely important for an airplane trip, especially for long distances. For many line companies, reservation can be made without paying an extra charge.

Other additional services available for a fee:

– Priority boarding
– Private or shuttle transfer from the airport to the city or to a specific address
– Additional baggage;
– In case of cancellation / delay of flight;

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